“Become Your Dreams…”

That’s the quote that’s written out in chalk along the Central Park running trail, right  before a decent sized hill.

Today I became one of my dreams when I complete my first 1/2 marathon, running the whole 13.1 Miles in 2 hours and 13minutes. My avg. pace came out to 10:10 minute/miles, faster than the 11:00 min/miles I had expected.

Picture montage of the event:

It may be going a little far to say that completing a 1/2 Marathon was one of my “dreams” because it seemed so far fetched to me that it’s something I never even would have dreamed of! I’m the kid that would vomit after running a mile in middle school gym class (ha!). All I can say is it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind and motivation to it. I believe that every year in your life should consist of a milestone and this year, this is my milestone 🙂

What’s your milestone going to be this year?

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11 Responses to “Become Your Dreams…”

  1. meganmumbles says:

    awwww such a nice inspiring post!! My goal is to complete a marathon!!

    • Wow that’s an AMAZING goal!!! Still a little too far out there for me :-/

      What Marathon are you running? Would love to hear more about your training because I hope to one day do one as well.


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  3. Dori says:

    I love this post! Also, your first half is faster than my half PR — and I’ve run 3!

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