…And the Carbo Loading Begins!

3 days left until the big day and according to many articles, it’s time for me to start carbo-loading. The general consensus and logic behind the 3 days carb start is that you don’t want to overload your body the day before the race and cause indigestion problems from a sudden change in diet. So instead, it’s good to slowly build up carb “storage.” For me, this is not really a problem or unusual since I think I naturally carbo-load most days (oops!). I’ve read “carbo loading” means your daily caloric intake should be 65%-75% carbohydrates (this is for the normal, casual athletes, serious races may require even more).  I did some research and there are 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates so determine how any grams of carbs you should be eating during this period use the following equation:

(Calorie intake*percent of carbs you want to eat)/4 = grams of carbs you should be taking in

Ex. (1,900cals * 0.65)/4 = 308.75 grams of carbohydrates

I’m just including this because I was curious and it was kind of hard to find, so I figured maybe I wasn’t the only curious one!

Now to continue my “carbo-loading,” black bean burrito from Trader Joe’s with a side of brocolli and cheese for dinner…Trader Joe’s really is a god sent to active working women on a budget in this city!

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