Trader Joes Mac n’ Cheese Changed My Life

The highlight of my Monday – I tried Trader Joe’s “Guiltless Mac n’ Cheese” (frozen entree) for dinner – so tasty! It’s only 270 calories and filling. I added spinach and cauliflower because I’m a veggie nut.

Tomorrow I have to sit on a plane for 6 hours, heading out to CA for work, so I wanted to get in a workout today so I wouldn’t feel bad about taking a break tomorrow. Plagued by tiredness on a dreary, rainy Monday, I couldn’t bring myself to wake up early and go to the gym. Instead, I went for a 5mile treadmill run after work, which I really never do, I’m not a night time exerciser. The run felt really good and I was proud of myself for making it 5miles – I had only planned a short 3mile run since I did 12 yesterday. When I left the gym, though, I was extremely stressed out noticing a ton of work emails that I’d have to get through tonight since I’m going to CA for work tomorrow AM (have to leave my apt at 5am uck!). A frozen meal was the perfect idea for a busy night! Ah now I feel better – I’m all packed, showered and fed 🙂

I would love to hear – what’s your favorite “go to” meal or quick fix?

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